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Thursday, July 14, 2005

It takes a blog

Here's a new-ish blog devoted to the Multnomah Village neighborhood in southwest Portland. Neat 'hood, nice blog so far.

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Not much of a blog when the first five threads I scrolled down had 0 comments

I'll stick with the Bog.

Thanks, Jack. Appreciate the plug. As for the previous comment here: Traffic = comments folks. Help a brother out, eh?

Yeah Steve, the writings decent - the comments just take time. And *you* left a comment there, right?

Three years ago, I had about 5 readers a day. You just have to keep posting and build an audience. Google helps too, eventually.

Thre aren't enough real Portlanders writing about the city. Steve, with all your ideas, you should have a blog -- or a website of some sort -- of your own.

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