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Monday, July 18, 2005

I had no idea

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We sure did get that icky old pickle juice out of the Oregon Wilderness didn't we?

Guess not. Next time I call Symantec tech support, I'm going to ask them to put in just a little more garlic.

Anyone, who knows anything about pickles, knows the only pickle worth puting on your plate is a Mrs Neusihins pickle. It's what made the famous "Box-Burger" so damm good.

oh no say it ain't so jack. i drive the steinfelds' place over in scappoose alot and then of course they do have the sauerkraut festival in September and I'm thinking now that Grampa Ray would be turning in his pickle barrell grave to see Product of India on his label.
Ahh globalization knows no boundaries.


I actually spent a few summers in high school working for Steinfeld's here in Oregon. My job: putting "sandwich builders" in jars--all day long. Oh, the memories. I think we may have exported 2 of the most mind numbing jobs imaginable to India: tech support and pickle packing.

Man that's unreal!

Howard Dean is pickle distributor?
And he outsources to India?
Wow. No wonder he and Kerry didn't get along.
Teresa Heinz, who also outsourced to India, was the competition.

Aren't blogs great?


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