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Thursday, July 14, 2005


We had a fantastic dinner last night -- not cheap, but fantastic -- at Grolla, over at NE 29th and Killingsworth. Great food, great wine, great hole-in-the-wall atmosphere. It was the last night of the spring-early summer menu -- the new menu arrives this evening. Foodies, check it out.

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It looks pretty nice. Have you been to Fife to compare? Right now, that is my favorite in that neighborhood (maybe all of Portland)

I had a decent meal at Grolla a year or so ago - but I had an outstanding meal at Ciao Vito on Alberta last fall. I'd strongly suggest the latter if you've not been there yet...

Loved the Ciao, was fairly unimpressed by the Fife. This, of course, based on one visit to each. We don't get out much...

A couple of days before you had your meal, I had an overpriced, mediocre meal at Oba in the fabulous Pearl District. My wife and I had to counteract the baleful influence with a hearty meal at Gustav's Bier Stube the next night. At less than half the price of Oba.

But I still think the Pearl District looks cool.

Maybe because I used to be a Californian.

But then, you were once a Californian too ...

Going to school somewhere doesn't make you a(n) _____ian.

I lived as a law student in California for 35 months, five months of which was spent in Connecticut. Never registered the car in the Golden State or got a California driver's license. Don't think I ever voted there, either.

I'm actually from northern New Jersey, where the Pearl crowd would be eaten alive before breakfast.

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