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Friday, July 8, 2005


Unique visit no. 400,000 graced this blog this evening at 8:02. It was a Verizon customer on the East Coast, who was looking for the following on Google:

trailblazer player spitting in fan's face

Classic. That made 50,000 visits in the last 59 days. Not bad! Onward and upward.

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Dern near beats the O and without the ads.

Actually, I enjoy the Meier & Frank underwear ads and would run them here for free if given the chance.

Kari's statistical note: Counting "unique visitors" is crap.

In the web-stats world, a "unique visitor" is a single IP visiting within some defined time period (like a half hour).

Unfortunately, two factors conspire against you. One, multiple people behind a single IP. The Oregon State Capitol, for example, is behind a handful of IPs. Hundreds of people might be visiting Bojack.org and counted as a single 'unique visitor'. More commonly, multiple people behind a single wireless node will almost always count as a one IP.

Two, a single person from many, many IPs. For example, an AOL user (not an insignificant population) will actually rotate among many IPs in a single dial-up session. So, a single persistent visitor from AOL (jack peek or randy leonard, for example) might look like many 'unique visitors'.

A more valuable metric is pages viewed. Not perfect, just better. After all, someone who visits 20 pages is more valuable than someone who just visits one.

OK, educational moment over.

Just got back to NJ from Cooperstown NY with visit to Baseball Hall of Fame (Hey, did you ever realize that the joint would be half of what it is without the Yankees?) and time for some lake fishing on Otsego lake and river fishing on Susquehanna River.

When I was looking at Thurman Munson's plaque, it brought back memories of me and some dude known as Buggsy (Brother Gary), along with some other compatriots sitting in Nonny's and Squeaky's (AKA "The Nut House") watching the first game after his death. Bobby Murcer's emotional display on the field and his driving in all 5 runs in a 5-4 win over Baltimore will never be forgotten.

Oh and by the way, while fishing on the Susquehanna, i slipped on a rock fell in the river and badly strained my achilles tendon.
Due to the injury, I was just added to the injury heap, could not make my next scheduled start and Stienbrenner is getting pissed.

The Bog Blog is great.
There seems to be a drop in posts by Randy Leonard and other officials though.

I'm sure they lurk.

So spit it out folks. I'm sure you have plenty to say.

Since Mr Chisholm seems to be a regular visitor here, how do these stats compare to BlueOregon?

I disagree about unique viewers since you will always have the people who are constantly scanning thru a blog (i.e. those who make multiple one-line four-letter mono-syllabic replies.)

I always appreciate new viewpoints instead of the same angry people . . .

OK, educational moment over.


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