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Thursday, June 30, 2005

World news tonight

A friendly reader suggests that this blog's more left-leaning readers should not miss out on this important news source.

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Did you see the photos of the starving children? Can you imagine, in your worst nightmare, the life the North Koreans lead? Why is this lunatic still around?

They read like a White House press release.

What is interesting is that the domain is out of Japan (co.jp) I thought they did not get along?

Did you see this one? “Public figure” John Paul Cupp lives by the airport, if you know what I mean.

Steve - The site in Japan is run through some folks who are not-quite embassy staff, as well as the usual local sympathizers. If you want more Korean info, blog.marmot.cc is a really well-researched & presented source of news, both North and South.

Nate - Ugh. Why do the embarrassing "public figures" always have a Portland connection?

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