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Saturday, June 11, 2005


What to do on this special Saturday morning?

A. Endure enormous hassles and pay hundreds (or even thousands) to procure tickets to see Rolling Stones nearly five months from now.

B. Endure enormous hassles and attempt to view Grand Floral Parade on street.

C. Watch parade on television.

D. Knock out some work with Jonathan Schwartz on web radio as backdrop.

E. Cruise Hollywood Farmers Market for strawberries, chard, and beets.

F. Feed rose bushes.

G. Catch up on tivo'ed Letterman shows from past week.

H. Start to organize two years' worth of photographs.

I. Call Mom.

J. None of the above.

Comments (6)

Come on jack where is your blue collar, about a beer!

K. Watch Red Sox at Cubs.

Oh, wait.

Start with CALL MOM. Everthing else is superflous.

As in "the preview button is not superfluous..."

Call your Mom then e and f.

FYI, the presale on Stones tickets started a few days ago, and there were only seats way in the back (and still for mondo $$) available on Thursday.

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