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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Look out, 'net, here it comes

Oh man, is this going to be fun -- for me at least. I broke down yesterday and bought a decent scanner. And so all sorts of hard-copy documents of mine are now going to make their way onto the blog. Master the possibilities!

Here's my first scan on the new toy -- a photo of me (lower right) as a freshman in high school, at age 12, working on the school's literary magazine. 1966, baby!

If memory serves, standing from left: Mr. Jim Breininger, Tim Grzelak, a guy named Mraz. Seated: A guy named Bannon, me.

Here's where my blogging instincts all come from -- my press card from my days as a cub reporter on a real daily newspaper, in college at age 19:

Signed by the late Gus Lockwood, editor-in-chief of The Jersey Journal, no less.

Don't worry, I'll be over this nostalgia bit in a month or so...

Comments (8)

You are such a cutie! Age 12, freshman in highschool? And a genius to boot!

Scarred me for life. Kids shouldn't skip grades. Oh well, at least I'm not Michael Jackson.

Jack, don't get too carried away with that scanner or you'll end up with a web site like this. http://documentedlife.com/autodocumentary.htm

You don't want that to happen... trust me.

Miles: I love it, but IE is telling me that all the images are not available. I always encounter the same problem over on Illusionaire. Any idea what may be up? Anyone?

Note to file:
I was just telling someone yesterday how fortunate it was that you were a friend of Mr. Brenninger. Two years in a row, he gave me a 69.6 final grade,which translated into a 70,so I wouldn't have to go to summer school.
Es is zehr heiss in der summer schull..(or something like that) is what he used to write on my papers.
Good to have an older brother...

Jack, Yikes... it's my bad... I'm just learning CSS and I've probably done something that isn't working in Internet Explorer.... a serious mistake given that it commands most of the market still.I know that it is broken in IE 5 for the Mac, but that it works in Safari.

It DOES work in Firefox and many other browsers.

If you could email me your computer type,OS, and preferred browser I'll know what I have to do to to try to fix it for you and many other people. Thanks much,


Heya Jack. Love the blog, but isn't that the same press pass that GOP whore, Jeff Gannon (aka Guckert), used to come within inches of my beloved President?

Mr. Brenninger: "Gary, dein Bruder ist sehr fleissig und klug. Was ist bei dir los? Hat es etwas mit Bier und Baseball zu tun?

Cousin Gary: "Yo! Did I pass, or what?"

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