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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

An extraordinary find

Hey there, hungry Portlanders, you know what's good? The sesame seed hamburger buns from Gabriel's Bakery. I sprung for a pack of these the other night because, even though they weren't cheap, they were the only ones left in the Wild Oats store. They seemed kind of dense. I felt as though I was "settling for" them.

When I got them home, though, we discovered that their density is their strength. The Mrs. sliced them in thirds instead of in half. Divine! And the leftovers do wonderful duty as stand-alone dinner rolls. Trust me on this one!

Comments (4)

In thirds?

Yes, sliced horizontally, so that with two buns, you make three sandwiches.

mmmm, buns

The owners are also your neighbors, Jack...so you're doing your part to keep it local!


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