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Thursday, May 12, 2005


The late spring/early summer season has surely arrived. Today we made our first graffiti cleanup run of the year around the block. Six small tags -- no match for Graffiti-X and a scrubby. Take that, you mentally ill tagger fools!

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graf is an art
graf is a crime

- graf was a natural expression of creativity for a segment of society that had no access to other expressions. kids in city ghettos during the 70s didn't have access to things like canvas and modeling clay. graf is probably the only unique visual artform that america has produced. (same with rock-n-roll. both started by poor black folks). it is part of our urban vernacular culture.
- yes, i know things are not the same anymore, and reasons for taggers to go out is varied, but it cannot be denied...graf is here to stay.

graf is here to stay.

At the three intersections I police, it is here to stay for 48 hours or less.

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