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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Craig over at MT Politics says today's the end of his blog. If it holds up, it will be a big loss for the blogosphere.

I can definitely relate, however. I wish I had a nickel for every time I pondered this blog and said to myself, "What the heck am I doing?"

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Thanks Jack. I appreciate it.

You better not even think about it, Jack.

I'm serious; who else am I supposed to whine about these things to?

No Jack, NO! I know things sometimes feel a little bleak and hopeless now and then, but the masses in the blogosphere will mourn deeply should you ever leave us.

Hey, you just had a vacation. Quitcher whining. Plus: you're famous. You're a benchmark (by name) on most of the other blogs. I got a lot more taste than talent (in every arena), and knowing the best blog is a part o' that.

Now I didn't even know about MT Politics, and it turns out the guy uses a phrase I thought I had a patent on: Spousal Unit™. Dang. Did we extrapolate from the same Conehead years?

Hey, I'm not threatening to stop. I already cried "wolf" once. I still run into people who've never read this blog, but recall that I quit...

I too was saddened to learn of Craig's decision. I have come to know him over the past couple years, and it is difficult to imagine a nicer guy.

Craig's decision does cause one to wonder where all this will lead. Will any of us still be at it five years from now? I wonder.

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