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Sunday, May 1, 2005

I think there may be a concentration camp named after me

O.k., I'll admit it, sometimes I sit up at night and Google myself, despite the risk of blindness. It's never too revealing. It turns out that my surname is very common, and you can't tell much about me from it (other than the fact that my father's father's father's side was Polish). Still, it's interesting to see who else bears the name. You get people like this:

Any family resemblances there? The first guy looks a tiny, tiny bit like my grandfather. Maybe I'm Jewish?

Anyway, the image search pulled up an odd picture tonight, one that I hadn't seen before:

Following along to see where the image comes from, I get sent here, where there's nothing but indecipherable (to me) Romanian. But as I click around, I find this site, which I believe describes a Hungarian novel on which a movie is based, and the sign is apparently taken from the set of the movie.

Doesn't sound like a happy place, that's for sure.

Comments (2)

Have to disappoint you, Jack. There is no and never was a concentration camp named after you and your name evokes nothing particular in Central Europe including Poland. The name is common there (proper spelling - Bodga?ski) but that's the most that can be said about it. Portland is another story, needless to say.

I meant a fictional concentration camp. That sure sounds like what's going on in that novel and movie.

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