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Monday, May 9, 2005

Ground Zero, version 2.0

I went to high school just across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center. We used to look out the windows in the late '60s and watch them build the towers. We were closer to them than many people in Manhattan were.

My nephew went to the same high school. And in 2001, he and his classmates watched the towers fall. They saw the second jet turn and hit.

On the front page of today's New York Times, the focus shifts from the place where I went to high school to the places where I lived -- the industrial east side of Newark, and the nearby township of Kearny. The many hazardous chemical plants, the shipping ports, the rail corridor -- all make the area a prime target for terrorism, which would be very, very bad news for the people living nearby.

And the security in place is not good.

UPDATE, 11:56 pm: Cousin James, who still lives there, adds his thoughts.

Comments (2)

Jack, What kind of security do you think ought to be put in place? Roadblocks? Checkpoints? Put a fence around the place and carefully check everyone's ID? (oops, that might inconvenience some illegals. Better not)

Anything Bush does is going to be portrayed as too lax or harmful to civil liberties.

Actually, John, reforming our behavior in the international sphere so that more people support us and fewer hate us would be high on my list of improvements. 8cp

As I recall, in industrial Newark and Kearny, nobody's too worried about your civil liberties, or your health for that matter. Some of those areas could use some serious checkpoints.

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