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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Grinding 'em out

It's that time of year -- I'm grading exams. And with a self-imposed deadline looming, I'm not coming up for air for a while.

As Linda Richman used to say on Coffee Talk, "Talk amongst yourselves."

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give us a topic...

Which Portland city commissioner is the most "like buttah"? Discuss.

It's good you impose a deadline. I have an exam left to take with a notoriously bad-on-deadlines prof and I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how he'll have all of our exams graded by the official deadline.

It was a big surprise when this prof changed the exam from scheduled to open. You'd think he would want as much time as possible for grading.

Bright spot so far: A student who meant "bona fide" wrote "bonified." Heh.

Jennifer, query, do you want to know that you got a D+ on your wills and trusts final on May 17, or do you want to wait until August 17?

Query - you guessed the same as me on the prof Jennifer is referring to (assuming she goes to LC).

Since she said the professor is male, I would also say the class is wills & trusts. Otherwise, it could be a secured transactions professor.

Folks, please let's not get too LC-specific. Don't get me dooced.

I may pull a "paper chase" this semester and throw my grades into the ocean. haha.

like buttah???

Erik Stens maybe??

Definately Erik Sten. I mean, that gap in his teeth? Those babuschka like eyes? LIKE BUTTAH!

Jack - A little ditty inspired by an exception to employer liability and a malady we all fall prey to. Oh, if you read this, I think my point is made?
Beware The Frolic and Detour

While on the path of chores yet done, the frolic lies in wait

to sabotage your best laid plans, diversion is itís mate.

But not this time, Iíve things to do, I will not be misled,

oh no not me my focus strong, up early from my bed.

To seize upon those half done tasks, complete them without fail

but oops too late, Iíve fallen prey, the frolic doth prevail.

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