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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Follow your heart

Erin Brockovich-Ellis was in town today, and I had the pleasure of hearing her speak. It was all about pursuing justice, trusting one's heart, being persistent, getting to simple truths, giving people the chance to make informed choices, and sticking up for the underdog. She was warm, smart, funny, and very real.

I've sat through quite a few speeches in the same setting, where I looked at my watch a few times. Not today.

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Hi Jack,

I got to see her too, she was wonderful. I was hoping to see her at some point so I could tell her how thrilled I am that she is still a real person. She never once sounded uppity.She was definitely the highlight of the day.

H**, on the other hand, needs his leash yanked to the left, hard.

Sorry, I had to censor that comment a bit. I do not want to get dooced.

so the speech was all about cliches?

To insensitive jerks, perhaps.

it was all about her breasts, or at least i thought so after the fifth time she mentioned her ample busom.

just to follow up on Nony, if you're talking about the H i think it was (b/c there were two "H"es speaking), i thought it was actually a fairly moderate message. moreover, it was necessary to be balanced with everything else that was mentioned that day.

I have a feeling I know who "H**" is and I'm thankful for him, especially for the reason Jyah mentioned. The average student when I was there fell politically between Michael Parenti and Noam Chomsky.

Diversity of thought at *** was not exactly treasured and Nony illustrates that. Heaven forbid a faculty and/or high administration member contravene the oppressively liberal zeitgeist of that place.

Folks, I'm closing comments here. This is not a forum to critique the place at which I work, and this post was not about that.

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