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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Doubly disappointing

Here I thought it was going to be an interesting evening in front of the tube watching the pro basketball playoffs. Two Game 7's -- how could you go wrong?

Two blowouts, with the bad guys winning both games, that's how.

UPDATE, 5/8, 9:40 pm: Another day, two more blowouts on Sunday. It's like watching paint dry.

Comments (3)

...the bad guys winning both games...

So presumably Antoine Walker and Gary Payton (or Me-Mac and Vin Baker) are part of the good guys?

Whatever the case, this result is exactly what the league head office wanted. Steve Nash (MVP) faces the team who let him go and Indiana dances with Detroit.

Will Nash teach his billionare ex-owner a thing or two about wise investments?

Will the playoff pressure cooker set the bad blood between Ind and Det on to boil?

I may have to avoid ESPN this week.

I agree, I'd rather see Detroit playing Indiana just for the dramatic irony.

I felt bad about Houston losing since I am a McGrady fan, but if they can't stop Dallas scoring, how much luck would they have against Phoenix?

My personal preference would be for a nostalgia series between Seattle Supersonics and Boston Celtics. But that's just me.

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