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Thursday, April 14, 2005

You saw it here first

Not only is this blog in the news today, but The Oregonian's quoting at length from an exchange in the comments section!

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You should hit the "O" up for a royalty payment.

The Big O should do a search here for all the nice comments about it.

As we were driving to work today Frank started laughing -- I said "What?" And he said "Well, you gotta admit, I'm getting more press than Nick Fish ever got!"

hee hee.

You should hit the "O" up for a royalty payment.

Nah, they don't charge me for the advertising...

If you think some of that was interesting, I have some really good qoutes on file as well.

It's a good thing to have a forum for people who don't ordinarily get heard. I also think its a good thing that folks like Commissioner Leonard are willing to duke it out here. This is not a trivial development in the way we communicate, government and citizens.

Anyway, Jack promised me the 3:01 am slot...so I had to take advantage. Hey, just kidding. Lightening up a little wouldn't hurt, y'know?

Not merely "a good thing" that veritably public serving folks like a Commissioner are here and willing. But remarkably big.Big.BIGGER is that they have lit the fuse burning toward the soon-to-explode realityBOMB like when the public mind -- everybody's own mind thinking the same thought as everybody else's in the same interval -- widely and tipping-pointedly GETS IT: ONLY ELECT FOLKS who DO "duke it out," here, these days, in front of your eyes, word by word, charge and parry, logical argument by logical argument that you can read and go over and revisit and think through and bounce off your homeboy and homegrl and DECIDE your vote.

Not long ago, 200 years say, (I'm thinking U.S. Constitutiontime), personal possession of literacy, being able to read and write was a State Crime punishable by an inquisitionally exterminating 'neutralization.' Or burning at the stake, during otherwise slow news-spectacle days in your region. It seems slow, I know, that it took THAT fuse two centuries to blow into everyone's mind the truth to ONLY elect and enstate folks who ARE literate. That ability to read and write our thoughts is the PREREQUISITE qualification for being allowed to stand ourselves for election and, if elected, to be empowered to WRITE LAW. Literacy: Don't leave home without it. BOOM: The internet, blog-a-wogga-DO, "a good thing ... not a trivial development," Frank Dufay, yes!, so now any homey can stay home WITH it -- literacy in every LIVING room. Back then, when they said 'state crime' they meant a "threat to their dominion." Like what the religious-dogma dogs barking at evolution and anthropogenic global warming science are doing today, calling such literate discipline a 'threat to their dominion.' (E.g., ...portraying Democrats as "against people of faith".) [That's a time-dependent link, gone tomorrow.]

In short, Randy is the honorable elected official -- judge for yourself, read what he writes -- and the best one re-electable and the prototype and herald of the only KIND of folks electable, from this day forward. You think so?

[nota bene: I don't get paid to advertise them and vice versa, either, but my message is made possible by and carried under the auspices of the 11th Annual TV Turn-Off Week, April 25 - May 1, 2005. Moving us closer to the day when electioneering by paid radio and TV commercials brands that candidate unelectable, (whose only thought for us voters to consider is the no-thought they impale in us with their mind-injection 'special effects' radio and TV ads), and maybe when literates rule, see making those ads a crime at state, just like in another perfect Oregon example: ORS 260.605.]

I'd like to add (on "terror attack on April 24 ... http://kboo.fm aired it", [date-dependent link]), to this my hunch that even though unknown terrifiers could suggest targeting Oregon's unafraid electoral actions (as during this FBI - JTTF kabuki), that it is too late before Passover to 'swing the guns around' from an earlier commitment to deploy in the South, west and east along the 30-something degrees N.Latitude border(s), where homeland insecurities running across a wider-than-Oregon region provides a weaker and maybe 'weakest link' to breach of our America's defense.

Now, I don't know what issue Frank and Randy were or are 'duking it out' about, (I can't find "the comments section!" easily enough for me, Jack), but they be stylin'.

To Mr Dufay - I guess you are the person in the WWeek file that, forgive you, actually let out public info on Mr Leonard's largesse. Sorry about the threat to your job.

I re-read these things and it sounded like he forgave a lot of these liens arbitrarily, or at least told someone in Mr Blackmers' office to. After rereading this, I am not sure what to believe after Mr Leonard's flat out denial of anything associated with lien forgiveness.

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