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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Wanted: Dummies

A bright and creative friend of mine is putting together a project that would turn mannequins into art and raise money for the Portland schools at the same time. There's even a sports angle. It's going to make a big splash, but first, he needs the dummies.

Does anybody know where mannequins or similar human forms can be purchased, cheap? They needn't be new. Or is there anyone out there willing to donate one or more, for a great cause?

Please leave a comment below, or e-mail me privately. Thanks.

Comments (6)

I don't, which means it makes no sense that I'm responding. Except to suggest keeping an eye on this Craigslist search result.

Or, for that matter, post it there under Wanted and see who ponies up.

Ebay. They even have a section for "full body mannequins".

Have you considered the Porkland City Council.

They have game, but cheap I'm not sure.

There is a mannequin store in either Linnton or Burlington out on HWY 30. They have the manequins on the roof even.

I too would try the shop out on Hwy. 30. I'm not sure if they sell mannequins, but it would be a good start. They obviously have a hook-up.

I would have recommended the Portland city council (including the mayor) for the honor, but I see that's been taken. Perhaps those hardly-working folks in the state legislature and the Governor's office?


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