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Friday, April 8, 2005

Throw away the key

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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Jack - Spam is annoying, but c'mon, take a deep breath. Federal prison time for a guy who sent spam? A fine would suffice. Jail time is silly, as are the folks calling for it.

Ther is no jail time for the folks who send me junk mail via the postal service - which is the same thing. Exactly the same thing.

Annoying? Yes. More worthy of jail than the kids stealing my car radios (and breaking glass in the process)? No.

Simmer down. He did infinitely worse than Martha Stewart, and he richly deserves a prison term.

If you think spam's not a major offense, come on over and clean out my inbox every morning. And pay for my spam filters. The guy's trying to wreck the internet. Jail time is perfect.

WOW!!!! your cheering a spammer's jail time, but would not support the removal of a dangerous group home next to a school. Oh that's right you moved from Buckman. GEEEEEZ!!!!!

Hey Jack, you should be his cellmate! 8c)

Jack...Buckman...I wish you would remember why you moved from there...I DO!

An Professor..I COULD BE YOUR "NEW NEIGHBOR" someday, you may not like me, but the law says I can live anywhere I WANT as a PSRB client.

Perhaps you have something against the mentally ill people like these folks..shame on your "progressive" nature ,as long as it does not hurt you.

Jack - "come on over and clean out my inbox every morning".
I assume you're joking, or using Windows*. Spam-filtering in 2005 is a non-issue in email as it is with Postal Mail. That is, you ignore it.

As for Martha, I gotta go with someone else who recommended that stocks be traded purely "As-Is", and 'Insider Trading' (which will always exist) be allowed to continue without the Feds bothering to police it.

* - If using Windows, yes, you will continue to suffer. Be sure to write "Thank you sir, may I have another?" in the comment line on your next check to Bill_Gates/Microsoft.

Scott: In this town, people think "spammers" are a threat, but criminally insane people in a grouphome next to a grade school, or the reality of the potential of a sleeper cell of people who think "infidels" are worse then spammers, these people are the real threat.

Maybe we should sentence the spammers to having a Portland-area blog that Jack Peek will post comments on.

Which seems the more serious transgression:
1. Exploiting the internet by sending unwanted communications solicitous in nature - for personal gain ($750,00.00 per MONTH). Clearly violating anti-spam laws. [Nine year fed. prison sentence.] OR;
2. Blatant violations of California campaign finance law by SF City Commissioner diverting her real estate commissions to former Secretary of State Shelley’s campaign, and paying over $125,000.00 State grant money to “straw men” who donated the funds to the Shelley campaign. This followed by forged documents and witness threats to hide the transgressions.
[ she faces felony conviction from 16 months to three years in State prison.]
SF Chronicle 4/9/05 Julie Lee -

Does the punishment fit?

Peek - But, are spammers more of a threat to Life As We Know It™ than a Tram-less OHSU?

Scott: Great question? I think we know the answer living here.

Maybe we should sentence the spammers to having a Portland-area blog that Jack Peek will post comments on.

B!X,Be nice too me, I'm about too make you famous very soon. Your exploits may soon be on the cover of a national publication, and I don't mean The "NRA" newspaper.

some good points here. whether i agree or disagree, he did break the law. i do like the arguments about snail mail spam.

Snail mail spam actually is what's keeping the cost of mailing a letter down to the unbelievable price of 37 cents. It's subsidizing our entire postal system, which is a good thing. So yes, I hate it when I have to buy an $80 shredder and waste hours every year getting rid of it, but at least it's doing some social good.

E-spam costs individuals and industry a ton of time and money every year. It has no redeeming social value whatsoever. Every legislature on the planet should outlaw it, with heavy penalties.

Listen, this guy was making a TON of money off of the spam he sent out. i say lock him up and maybe he'll be an example to other spammers.

I hoped when I opened the comments that this would be about Tom DeLay. No such luck.

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