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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sweet XVI in the Sistine

"Habemus Papam!" Sounds like a pitcher in the old Negro Leagues, doesn't it? But actually it's the Latin cry, "We have a Pope," which resounded today in Vatican Square as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany was named the new pontiff.

And you know what's so nice about it? He's Pope. That's it. It's over. No Janeane Garafolo shrieking, "This election was so obviously fixed!" No six rounds of lawsuits. No absentee ballots coming in from the Jesuit soldiers that are yet to be counted. No confirmation hearings with Tom DeLay and Joe Biden. No having The New York Times running around to see if he's got a girlfriend on the side.

O.k., maybe they are running around looking for the girlfriend. But even if they find her, he's Benedict XVI anyway. Let's go have some eggs in his honor!

It looks like another fun-filled 10 years or so ahead, with little or no change in Catholic teaching on any of the hot-button issues that John Paul II held so tough on. Keep your Voice of the Faithful membership current, folks, the wild ride's going to continue.

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Well, the Left has already started to refer to him as "Pope Rat-fucker."

It seems that the Left's response to Pope Benedict XVI: Maybe we'll get lucky he will "die in his sleep"

Hey, let us take a quick look at the enlightened tolerant responses from some Democrats.

What follows is a selection of choice tidbits in two threads from the group voted "most likely to flatline an EEG."

he was head of the Inquisition. Enough said for me.

Kind of makes you wonder if cardinals vote on Diebold machines.

Wrote a document in 2000 that denounced other faiths... Great. Just what we need. Warns of the "EVILS" of liberalism. Rigid, intolerant...it just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? The only plus here is that he is 78! Ed: You've got to love DU. Not pope for a day, and they already can't wait for Pope Benedict XVI to die.

Yeah, we got the John Ashcroft of new popes. Ed: Among liberals, being compared to John Ashcroft, a respectful, God-fearing man, is an insult of the highest magnitude.

He is the Grand Inquisitor...No fooling. He heads the Office for Enforcement of the Doctrine of the Faithful, which is the direct successor office to the centuries-old Grand Inquisition. He is therefore the leading hardliner, enforcer and book-censor of the Church, and was JP2's right-hand man...

He used to be a hitler youth.. and practically endorsed GW in his statements on "catholic voting" during our elections... Ed: Hitler Youth = GW Bush support. Why didn't I get that?

Oh goody. Another neocon in power... Ed: Yep, Karl Rove rigged this election, too...

This is BS. Maybe we'll get lucky he will "die in his sleep" like our 33 day "Progressive Pope" John Paul 1st, did.

It's a sad day when the best aspect of a new pope is that he's likely to die soon.

This is very sad news, indeed, for the Catholic church. Once again, the forces of evil triumph...

Hopefully, they'll all die off soon. Ed: Who, Catholics?

Look on the bright side... this ensures that Bush** is not the most fascist leader in the known universe. Berlusconi (out-and-out fascist Fini in cabinet) might have had the edge, but this makes it official.

Whatever else may have been going on in there, I'm reasonably sure that God was not speaking to them, saying "Hey, guys, why not shake things up a little bit? Go for the Nazi!"

And the "Nurse, we need to up his meds" award goes to goclark for:
I knew he would be named. The rest of the names were just ROVE tricks to throw off everyone. He was placed there by the likes of BushCO. It sends a STRONG signal to the non white people of the world that "WHITE POWER" is the name of the game.

It was also a strong signal for WHITES to return to the church and be welcomed with open arms. They don't care about the Hispanics and Africans that are devoting themselves to the church.

It is a sad day for the world in my opinion.
Sad perhaps, but not for the reason you think...

I'm pretty sure being in the Hitler youth at that time was not optional.

Yes, we all know that one-side-leaning forums are the best source of reasoned discourse. *cough, cough*

the enlightened tolerant responses from some Democrats.

How do we know who these posters are, much less their party affiliation?

Thank heaven Republicans never say anything intemperate about public figures with whom they disagree.

Well, Jack, the fact that these comments were apparently found on the Democrat Underground website is a good indication of the political affiliation of those making the comments.

I've learned that bulletin boards contain trolls of many kinds, who often are not who they purport to be. Moreover, they often leave multiple posts under different names.

I've learned that bulletin boards contain trolls of many kinds, who often are not who they purport to be. Moreover, they often leave multiple posts under different names.

Posted by Jack Bog at April 19, 2005 08:56 PM
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Not on your blog or Blue Oregon would that EVER happen...BS

Damn y'all are funny! You can't wait to jump at each other's throats, can you? Jack, you haev my sympathy.

I am not truly affiliated with any one party. I tend to lean towards Democrats but that's mostly because of who's in the Oval Office right now.

You can never tell where a blog comment thread is going to go. That's the beauty of it.

I really have to pay more attention to my typos before posting... just when you think you have all the buggars, there's another one lurking...


They could not have elected a liberal pope (as if that would ever happen). It would have caused a schism like what is happening in the Anglican church. Given that, and that Ratzinger was a close lieutenant of John Paul, it seems like he was the safe choice. You can bet that some of the African and Latin American cardinals would have been much more conservative.

I do wonder, however, if we won't see a schism in our lifetime due to a string of conservatives like Benedict XVI. I can imagine an American Catholic Church forming in my lifetime, with lots of difficulties, excommunications, emotional intensity on both sides...the whole show.

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