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Friday, April 15, 2005

Don't tell me...

...that you haven't filed your tax returns yet. Today's the deadline!

If you need an extension of time to file (alas, you can't get an extension to pay), here is what you need to know. And here's the form to fill out to get your automatic extension.

If you live here in the Beaver State, you may or may not need to file for an Oregon state extension, too. The information you need to know about that is here.

Good luck.

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and if i live in Multnomah county, i can pay even more! let's see, I personally grossed just over $14,000 last year. With my partner, gross income was slightly above $46,000.
we payed $2,789 in tax over the year in federal
we payed $1,404 in state

WE OWE: $2,334 in federal
$953 in state
and $534.61 in MULTNOMAH CO ITAX

that's just great!
and get this - the first suggestion for paying these taxes is...take out a credit card advance!
gee thanks!

taxation is theft.

"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.''

—Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Baloney. Taxes are what I pay to assure the government class a cushy retirement.

Here in Oregon, according to many, taxes are the remedy for every problem.

Worse yet taxes are the remedy for problems that don't even exist until after the tax remedy creates it.

"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.''

yeah, that's just great words to live by coming from an unelected guy who had a job for life. must be easy for him to recite platitudes when i gotta work like a fool for $8 an hour to pay rent and credit card bills i'm still paying from taxes i owe from last year. what i should have done was tell Mult co to stick it where the sun dont shine. they dont even come up with a way to withhold their illegal tax and i, by my own good graces, decide to pay it to avoid further trouble down the road and you tell me "that's what you pay to live in a civilized society."
my federal tax dollars are going to kill people, steal people's land, grow pharmaceutical crops that contaminate the environment...yeah, that's civilized. you're lucky i'm so civilized or else i might have told what to do with your quotation. think for yourself. me, i say a society with no taxes would be more egalitarian and "civilized" than any that has existed to date.
and i wish i would have read this yesterday, before i paid out their blood money - oh, with another credit card advance.


Disgruntleds Disunited for ... uh, Disgruntlement! Geez, I thought I was cranky. Compadres! Mes amis! Salute!


Whine. Bitch. Piss. Moan.

Taxes are the priviledge we pay to live in the greatest nation on Earth.

Are you Diane Linn?

oh my righteous brothers and sisters,

"Taxes are the priviledge we pay to live in the greatest nation on Earth."

carla, i sense sarcasm. at least i hope i do.
the most powerful nation, yes. the most militarized, yes. the most aggressive, yes. the most hated, yes. the fattest, yes. the most self-righteous, yes. but the greatest? i dont think so. we had a chance but, most unfortunately, our Constitution and government have been respectively ignored and taken over by interests that are not mine.
besides, if you think i pay taxes to live in the "greatest nation Earth," then why do people in the Netherlands pay taxes? to live in the 5th greatest nation on Earth? how about people in Mexico? to live in the 45th greatest nation on Earth? or how about Zambia? to live in the 152nd greatest nation on Earth?
you see your logic does not hold up because it does not exist. what little there is is drenched in ethnocentrism.
when is the last time you grossed $14,000 and had to write checks totaling over $4,000, from credit card advances, to cover you taxes?
taxes are what you and i pay for the "privilege" of being slaves to the world's largest military industrial complex. a few bucks may go to food stamps. great.
whine bitch piss moan is right.
while my government continues to occupy foreign lands and kill innocent civilians, you're goddamn right i'm gonna be pissed off.
so you just go on being happy about paying those taxes and your "privilege". because that is surely what it appears you have - a privileged life.
i hope your lifestyle is comfortable enough for you.

Taxes are the lubricant which oils the machine!

Oh, sorry, I could not help but reflect on the Iraqi occupation while doing my patriotic best.

"Baloney. Taxes are what I pay to assure the government class a cushy retirement." - LOL!

  • Taxes are what you pay to drive on paved roads.
  • Taxes are what you pay to receive decent halthcare.
  • Taxes are what you pay to ensure your private property remains yours.
  • Taxes are what you pay so that you can do your part to make sure your community, large or small, keeps running.
  • I often find that those who complain most about taxes are the same that complain the government isn't doing enough in their area - and these are the same that want everything done but want to share none of the cost.

    Settle down, get over it or move to a third world dictatorship. Well, not that living under The Cowboy's rule is that far from a deictatorship but still...

    The Multnomah County Tax is temporary unless y'all vote it back in. So quit yer bitchin and pull your heads out, people.

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