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Saturday, April 23, 2005


The first song and video from Bruce Springsteen's new album are out on Yahoo. I think you should be able to link to it here. (You may have to sit through a 30-second Pepsi commercial first.)

I've never liked Bruce's solo acoustic albums much, especially on first listen. "Nebraska" I grew to like, but I never could sit through "Tom Joad." So far, I'm not happy with this particular song. It has a total of two chords, and one of them makes only the briefest of appearances. It reminds me of Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait" period -- a period when Bob might better have stayed home.

Bruce is a genius, but I suspect this album's going to be an acquired taste at best.

Comments (3)

Thanks, Jack, for the link. I'm gonna go out on a limb here but...I thought this was AWFUL. And what's with the weird cutesy framing at one point ...like we're peeping in on Springsteen? An aquired taste, sure...like brussel sprouts!

Good Lord. That's terrible. Hopefully he makes up for it on VH1 tonight.


I wasn't a big fan of his last album, but I actually liked this song--although the harmonica sounded really grating on my computer speakers. And of course, its usually a good idea to go without the children singalong.

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