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Friday, April 1, 2005

Breaking news

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The squirrel that lives on Tom DeLay's head announced today that she is resigning in protest of the House Republican's intemperate remarks yesterday about the judges in the Terry Schiavo case.

"He's said a lot of dumb stuff, but that was the worst," declared the rodent, Skippy, who has covered DeLay's shiny dome since 1997. "I can't face myself in his mirror in the morning any more."

Speaking of the judges who ruled against him in the Schiavo case, DeLay told reporters yesterday: "The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior." He said the courts' refusal to order the reinsertion of a feeding tube into Ms. Schiavo was a "perfect example of an out of control judiciary." Asked about the possibility of the House's bringing impeachment charges against judges in the Schiavo case, DeLay said, "There's plenty of time to look into that."

It was the second high-profile Capitol Hill toupee lost since the current session of Congress began. In January, Sen. Trent Lott's rug was seized by security guards after it set off several alarms at the entrance to the Senate Hart Office Building. FBI tests later showed it to be mildly radioactive.

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I find it highly ironic that Delay and his fellow despicables such as "Gamblin' Bill" Bennett wanted the federal judiciary to manufacture a whole new constitutional right from the murky recesses of substantive due process doctrine. I thought judges weren't supposed to do this ...

You know, I'm totally sick of this bull**** about impeaching judges for unfavorable rulings, and "recess" appointments over a weekend, and getting rid of the filibuster because of judicial appointment debates. What the hell is going on in people's brains? Morons, every one of them. If any of my Reps or Senators support this kind of crap, I'm going to call them, personally, and get highly indignant.

You and the squirrel both.

did y'all read that LA times story about how tom's dad had an accident like 15 years ago, went on life support, and his kids (including tom) had the feeding tube removed? then he sued the hospital, and the family got like a $250K settlement. he'll say anything. also, wasn't rod stuart caught felching with tom's squirrel?

I think I can find a chinchilla that might take Skippy's place for the right price.

This Brill-Creamed horsehead gives conservatives a bad name. He needs a large spoon of Metamucil and a good ass-whooping. Self-rightious, morally flatulent and hypocritical as a snake oil salesman, this phony needs to go away. He kind of reminds me of Eb on the old Green Acres.

Only dumber.

He and actor Chris Cooper look like a separated-at-birth situation.

the whole congress, save a few, are a bunch of whores

Of course it's rumors like that which attract guys like this.

sorry about the foul language, Jack. Is there a term for drunken commenting on blogs?

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