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Monday, April 25, 2005

Before you hit "send"...

Here's a tale of a private e-mail message heard 'round the world.

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A greedy lawyer? I've never heard of such a thing. I'm shocked.

Uh, I did something very similar just a couple of months ago. That sick, yucky feeling I got in my stomach once I realized what I did stuck with me for days, and I am still reminding of my error with alarming regularity from my peers.

I think he was dead-on, personally. Doesn't seem to have hurt too much either. It's all a bunch of hoops to jump through, right?

The most I could hope for was the occasional stimulating prof. One with a blog.

Isn't that what lawyers get their degrees for? To get rich? I hate to say it, but like many doctors, any lawyer who earns his/her degree just to "help" people -- AND STICKS TO THAT PLEDGE -- is about as common and easy to find as a grain of rice buried in the Sahara.

What an amateur. The financial industry kid in South Korea who bragged about his situation via a company email was MUCH better. And yeah, we all went to college hoping someone would give us buckets of money just for showing up - you gotta admire the guy's honesty...

The law graduate's words remind me of one of the three best maxims my mentor ingrained in me when I was that age. To wit:

"At least one test of a good education system is, if after completing it the student looks back and says 'that was a bunch of crap'."

Eventually I interpreted this to mean a good education system is one that teaches its students what it cannot teach its students.

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