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Friday, April 8, 2005

A little too well done

Not much coverage up on the 'net anywhere yet, but apparently there was a two-alarm fire at the Benson Hotel in Portland overnight. Started in the exhaust ducts at El Gaucho.

The hot air rising from Lars's table apparently was not a contributing factor. (Via Portland InfoNet.)

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i will plead guilty to enjoying a wonderful steak at Gaucho last night. and just to show how open minded i am, i was buying dinner for my high school debate partner...who is now the Chairman of the speech/comm dept at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Consorting with a known communist? Good thing you were packing heat.

as a courtesy to liberals, i am glad to help defend them from the miscreants they refuse to lock up

Lars..see the "BOGS' glee over a "spammer's jail time VS nailing a local terror cell prospect who got off....FOR NOW!

I love the weird reality of these people and what is important too them.

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