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Saturday, March 5, 2005

You're not fooling this guy

My old law school classmate Dan Meek has been working up quite a sweat trying to beat down the Texas Pacific-PGE deal. In the end, he wants to see public power around here; he has been working toward that end for a quarter-century or more.

One of the bigger arrows in his quiver of late has been the fact that PGE has paid no meaningful income tax in quite some time, but all the while it's been passing hundreds of millions in phantom tax charges on to ratepayers like you and me.

Anyway, a new salvo came out from the old Meekster yesterday. And the one before that is here.

As Randy Newman once sang, Get 'em, Dan.

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isn't qwest doing the same thing, or have they sorted that all out now?

Gotta luv that Dan Meek. Go get'em Dan.

I say target the bond rating folks for upside down reasoning. They have a habit of such behavior, in this and other contexts, and some in our government have a habit of going along for the ride.

Qwest voluntarily refunded the phony Multnomah County Business Income Taxes (MBIT) it had been charging to its ratepayers in Multnomah County. I asked the PUC staff why it forced Qwest to make the refund but not PGE, since PGE has charged ratepayers in Multnomah County e over $7 million in MBIT since 1997 (in addition to the $720 million in phony federal and state income taxes) and has not paid a dime to the County. Answer is that the PUC did not even mention it to Qwest. Qwest acted on its own to refund the money.

For my reply comments re phony utility taxes, see:

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