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Friday, March 4, 2005

Today's the day, isn't it?

Isn't today the day that the PUC is supposed to rule on the Texas Pacific takeover of PGE?

My prediction: Approved, with conditions. There's no way Ted's going to say no to his former hero and mentor.

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Yes, their going to approve the sale. We can blame Portland for screwing this one up. P.G.E. should have been purchased by it's customers and made a public utility but power hungry Sten and his group wanted to be in charge. Oregon Trail Electric Coop. did this exact thing in 1988 and now have a stable, locally owned electric supply.

I agree. There is just no way that Ted will stand up to the good old boys on this one. And to think I voted for him.

FYI - The decision was postponed until next week.


It was going to be the end of February. Now we're at the end of the first week of March, and they've delayed it further?

It's the newest tactic- when there is too much public opposition, just string it out, longer and longer. While the powers that be try to find a way to pull this off without too much public uproar. Works for the PDC.

Wait until a day when there's a major story breaking about something else. And Tuesday afternoons are generally good -- that gives you a whole week of friendly Arlington Club spin in The Oregonian before the Willamette Week can tell anyone the real story.

My bet is that the PUC will lay down conditions which the Texas Group finds too onerous forcing them to walk.

"Wait until a day when there's a major story breaking about something else."

Ah, this explains the deteriorating health of the pope! :p

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