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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

That time again

Hard to believe, but March Madness is upon us -- the annual NCAA men's basketball tournament. I've got my printout of the brackets (.pdf), but I don't think I'm going to get around to filling it out this time around. Honestly, I'd be better off throwing the money into a video poker machine.

What do I know about the 8-seeds and the 9-seeds? Nothing. So I'll have to guess: Nevada (I've got the t-shirt), Pittsburgh (Pacific sounds like an art school), Minnesota (Prairie Home Companion), and Mississippi State (Stanford will be tired from the cross-country trip).

Then there's the old question of which low-seeded teams will pull the first-round upsets. I'm betting that there's one 13-seed that will beat a 4, and one 12-seed that will beat a 5. Maybe Penn over Boston College and George Washington over Georgia Tech.

Games I'd like to see: Gonzaga vs. Washington, North Carolina vs. Florida, Duke vs. Oklahoma.

But heck, I'll try to watch all 72. (Via Mellow-Drama.)

Comments (5)

Let me know if you want to get into a pool (free pool with other students). Cheers.

Watch all 72? Where are you getting the extra 8 games?

(65 teams in the tournament, 1 team eliminated in each game...64 games, including the silly play-in game from tonight.)

I've picked against Minnesota (no players have graduated in the last 6 years). I picked all the 11 seeds to beat all the 6 seeds. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I'll pick the women tomorrow.

Huh. I guess the other 8 must be the NIT...

Who's doing the splits and for what team?

Thanks to Google, I answered my own question. Oscar Robingson with the Cincinnati Bearcats. He was shamed on his second charity throw with the ref hurrying him and missed the easy one. At least that's what he told Boozer.

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