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Friday, March 4, 2005

St. Charles Place

Martha Stewart's out of prison, whisked away to her palace where she'll serve house arrest for a while. Some punishment.

But you know what? She did her time, and now she's entitled to come back stronger than ever. She probably will. And I don't begrudge her her inevitable reunion with success.

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Yeah, I hope she learned her lesson. Never cook the books to defraud thousands of your employees our of their pensions and 401(k) plans, all the while taking huge dividends for yourself, then file for bankruptcy protection so those poor suckas can't even go class action on your broke corporate behind.

Wait a minute, Skilling and Kenny-boy Lay wasn't it? Well, I'm sure they're in jail as we speak, right?

Good point nader. I think what she did was lie to government investigators about something they couldn't prove she did in the first place. Something, I note the government prosecutors can do to you (i.e., lie) without fear of punishment.

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