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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Something for everyone

There are so many interesting blogs popping up here in Oregon. I thought The Appliance Blog was a runaway winner of best special-interest blog honors, but he's got competition. Check out Cat Trapper's Journal -- an instant classic.

UPDATE, 6/9 5:37 p.m.: The site is no more, and the web address has been taken over by someone else. So I've removed the link.

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Sweet kitty. It is always good to hear of someone who is doing something to help stray and feral cats.
Cat owners in Multnomah County should BE AWARE of a troubling "duty to prevent [cat] trespass" enacted in 1999 which, since cats are excluded from the definition of "animal at large" ,permits neighbors to trap cats that stray off their homesite and take them to the pound. Ferals are trapped by a local concern and killed without a holding period. Not infrequently, pets are trapped with the ferals; when it comes to cats, the bright line between wild and tame isn't always easy to discern. This does raise due process issues and the county is under a public mandate issued by a commissioner appointed-task force in 2000 to move toward policy that errs on the side of life for pets and pet owners and to lower euthanasia rates. So far, little or nothing has changed and the euthanasia rate has increased 50 percent since the report came out. This may have something to do with the fact that an animal use group, The National Animal Interest Alliance has effectively been controlling the county shelter since 1994; one of its associates, Carolina Biological admitted to purchasing dead cats from both the Oregon Humane Society and the Troutdale shelter in 2000, just a few months after the task force findings were issued. MCAS has long been a deceptive problem agency. People who are concerned should check out the law and contact their commissioners.

Thanks Jack, another great find. So good that I sent links to a friend for the site plus your site.

Now if you could get the PDX Dog Blog person started again, I would appreciate it.

Yeah, pdxdogblog was a great one. I still have some of the park pictures.

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