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Thursday, March 10, 2005

So now what?

Some sort of regional public entity to own PGE? That's clearly what our elected officials are contemplating.

Of course, there are a million questions raised by that prospect. Such as, While we're at it, how about Pacific Power too? But now that the Texas Pacific deal is back on its heels, and perhaps gone for good, it's time to get serious with the Q & A.

You realtors in Wilsonville, get ready. You're about to have a new corporate tenant down there, and its name is PGE.

Meanwhile, you know who the most powerful guy in Oregon is these days?

I'll give you a hint: He has a beer named after him.

Comments (9)

Well, if Mac McTarnahan can pull *this* one off...

Pacific Power is a saint compared to PGE.


I just checked the "Atlas of Oregon". Are you telling me you think the Oregonians who receive power via 32 municipalities, public utility districts and coops are stupid?

The PUD idea isn't bad if can convince the City of Lake Oswego to make the buy. The Porkland-Sten link is what I find scary. We in Salem don't want to share Porkland's water sewer tab
after they unify the Utilities.

Perhaps PGE employees can step to the plate and we can shed the Union burden in the process.

Hey c'mon Allen. We've got a big pipe to pay for up here... where's your sense of charity!

I am not against public power in general. As a Portland taxpayer, however, I really worry that our city government will not measure up to the task.

We get Pacific Power at our house, and I am dead set against bumping that company out to start up the PUD. But when you start down that road with PGE, I'm afraid you'll swallow them up too.

Again, as I say, a million questions.

I, too, have a BIG problem w/City of Portland owning PGE. I assume everyone here knows about www.keeppgelocal.com. What do you all think of that? Especially you, Jack!

BTW see this KGW report on one of the other proposals, from the former CEO of PacifiCorp.

I would go for a PUD, but 2 conditions:
1) Every entity pays the same for power (Portland doesn't get cheaper power thatn everyone else like BullRun water)
2) Do not allow the public entity to use PGE for a tax vehicle.

Really, I think PGE buying its own way out is better. sten and crew are such a bunch of financial fools it makes me want to cry that we trust him with 41.7B already.

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