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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Set the VCR or Tivo

Nick Fish's new public affairs video talk show, "Outlook Portland," debuts this Sunday morning on Portland's WB, also known as KWBP-TV, channel 3 on your cable box, channel 32 if you don't have cable. It's that station's first foray into public affairs programming, and they're taking no chances, assigning the show to the 6:30 a.m. slot favored by churchgoers who prefer the early service, and newspaper delivery folks who are heading back to bed. (Rumor has it, however, that the program will be moving to late Sunday afternoon before too long.)

Nick's guests on his first show are Commissioner Randy Leonard and yours truly. The topics include Mayor Potter's first days in office, the controversy over the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force, the future of the Portland Development Commission, and blogging. It was a fun half-hour to participate in, and even though the makeup artist was a no-show, it should be a decent show to watch.

At our house, given that we'll be working on what the Easter Bunny left behind Sunday morning, we'll all be watching dad on TV later in the day via the miracle of videotape. Meanwhile, we're making room on the mantel for the Emmy.

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Maybe I'm just a complete dork, but I think it would be fascinating to hear you two discuss Mayor Potter and the PDC.

i just tivo'd it. when will we see you on town hall - oh wait, is that show still around?


Any plug for us bloggers is good enough for me...it's on the TiVo "to do" list now. But hey, you should really do your family a favor and retire the v-tape in favor of TiVo (or like device, with or without DVD). Y'know they start at $99 now with mail-in rebate, and with all these TV appearances you are going to start making, seems like it would be a sound investment!

If you are lazy here is the Tivo Central Online link to setup a recording for Nick's show:
Outlook Portland With Nick Fish

I like the desk. It almost looks like something that could at any moment start hovering in the air.


Thanks for helping to launch the show.

You and Randy were good sports. (I was surprised the former firefighter didn't know how many fire hydrants there are in Portland!)

My producer paid me a great compliment after the taping: he said "At least no one died!"

I will be disappointed if we don't get at least one FCC complaint.

We should have the WB website up soon--and look forward to hearing from bloggers. I will read select comments and questions on air.

We hope to have Tom Potter as a guest on April 17, to discuss his first 100 days on the job.



PS.WB is considering moving the show to 5pm on Sunday. More later

The TiVo list of all TV shows has "Outlook Portland with Nick Fish" followed by "Outregeous Lawn Ornaments".

If "Outlook Portland" doesn't pan out, Nick, perhaps you could pitch WB32 an interactive Xtreme garden gnome show. You could get Will Vinton to create claymation garden gnomes jumping off the US Bank Building while guzzling Mountain Dew and only using their reserve parachutes. After the gnomes safely land on SW 5th, viewers can call WB to vote on whether the hover desk plummets from the sky and crushes the gnomes.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I was hoping for a cameo on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer!"


Only if all the gnomes look vaguely like Randy.


For sweeps week, are you planning a cross-over episode with either Moesha or Reba? I bet you'd slaughter your competition during the O'dark:30 time slot you got.

Seriously, congrats on the show. I look forward to it.

Nick will get used to the broadcast biz soon. I used to say that (at least no one died) all the time to people I worked with in TV news (23 years) who used to think what we did was brain surgery. As if.
Again Jack, thanks for helping us christen the ship.

I was hoping for a cameo on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer!"

Which has been off the air for a couple of years now, and even then it had moved from The WB to UPN.

My television is a lamentably Whedon-less universe these days.

Good opportunity for Randy Leonard to further demonstrate his incompetance.
Thsi week was beyond the pale when he tried to explain his JTTF postion.
I wonder how all of the mayors and commissioners in every single other city in the country could possibly miss what is so obvious to Randy.

Perhaps Jack you could ask him.

"JTTF" is what?

JTTF = Joint Terrorism Task Force.

That was actually Randy himself asking what it meant.


You did great on the show. I forgot to set the VCR, and was up at 6:35. The only thing I would have changed was I would have asked both guests the one minute warning questions.

The set was a little sterile. The set that DL Hughley used when he was auditioning for the Late Late Show would be more conducive for this type of show.

Hope that you have your own show soon.

I'm beginning to wonder what our respective and commonly-held readers think about the fact that we keep plugging each other. Heh.

On the show itself, it was a decent start. Nick needs to grow into his comfort zone, though. Yu could see him hit it at times, so it's certainly there.

Then again, I shouldn't talk. I get bugged out just trying to do radio.

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