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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Today I received an e-mail message curtly informing me that I didn't get a job that I recently interviewed for. "You gave us a lot to think about, but we had many excellent candidates," the usual stuff.

I wasn't sure I was going to take that job if offered, but I honestly thought it was going to be offered. And I know I would have been good at it.

The writer of the e-mail also informed me that he was going out of town, without a computer. And so in other words, there is no use in my calling or e-mailing back to find out anything more about the factors that led to my rejection. I'm left to stew in my own juices.

My life has been in an uproar about this potential opportunity for many weeks. At the moment, I'm wandering around in a bit of a daze. Lots of raw feelings, some of them ugly.

There's only one thing to do at a time like this:


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No matter how old you get, rejection always sucks.

If it is a Portland employer, maybe it is the blog. It is considered bad form to have opinions here, as much as we need the informed opinions of thinking people, they are hardly tolerated;this leads to all manner of corruption and embarassment at the national level. And, yet, this is supposed to be a great place for children and child-rearing. I don't think corruption is healthy for children and other living things.

What was the job?
My guesses:
1. prof at Stanford
2. prof at UW
3. prof somewhere else "first tier"
4. tax court judge
5. private valuation guy
Am I close?
Maybe a sad day for you, but a good day for LC.

According to all the women who post personals on Craigslist, now might be a good time to pick up the book 'He's Just Not That Into You.'

Ah yes, we have Jack's age group pegged. And yes Jack, you have the right to enjoy whatever feelings you wish, ugly or otherwise and you are a most welcome member to an ever expanding club.

You will heal and gain strength.

P.S. If it were the Blog then all the better as if Truth was found offensive, then you wouldn't have fit their mold.

Does Costco sell hard liquor now?

Going to Costco after getting a rejection?

That is the LAST place I would want to go...Costco shopping stresses me out. LOL Too many people with too many crying babies...and those beeping forklifts...AAAAGGGGHHHHH!

Is that Costco run as a post rejection comforter a guy thing?

Oh yeah. Somewhere near the 49-pound bags of charcoal, 36-packs of soda and bricks of flashlight batteries, I felt the weight on my shoulders lift a bit.

I would actually like to see Jack devote a blog entry to Portland's problem with expressing one's opinions. It's stuck in my craw ever since I moved here, this no-waves, go-with-the-flow backhanded justification of the status quo. I've concluded it's a necessary delusion for many Portlanders. It staves off the punishing identity crises that come from relative economic inferiority to other West Coast cities, as well as the constant need to import (and coincident threat from) outside skilled labor and ideas.

But whatever the cause, this dark side to Portland's precocious pretensions needs to be called out more often. In conservative Houston, they're paying $1B just for construction alone on new highways; in liberal Portland, millions for the streetcar. Yet in either (and really *every*) city, there's a West Hills Welfare team that benefits from this waste/graft and buys silence through political intimidation. Maybe it's time to intimidate back and stop the silence.

Good call Jack on the Costco run.

That's exactly the right meds.

Just make sure you call the wife from the store to check on any anything more she wants you to pick up.

It's tradition.

and be sure and take light rail!

Richard, thanks for that last line. Best laugh I've had all week.

Employment needs? I know of a practically unfilled position.

BoJack for Gov'ner!!!

But did you get a hot dog while you were at Costco??

No dogs.

Hey, here's the song of the day: The Marvelettes, "Too Many Fish in the Sea." Takes some more of the sting out. Thank you, ladies and Funk Brothers.

Trips to Costco always make me feel better too...bummer about the job- bully for future L&C students!

If you think getting rejected by e-mail is tough, try watching it on TV.

Bummer about the rejection. When you don't get offered a job that you're sure is yours, it really sucks.

Your email was better than one I got once, though, which said, "We got to talk to a lot of interesting and wonderful candidates. Unfortunately, you weren't one of them."

P.S. There's no reason to go to Costco other than the dogs!

Don't take it to heart. Lots of folks have prospered after rejection.

Peter Best, Al Gore, David Lee Roth, Spiro Agnew, Courtney Love, Richard Nixon, Tony Montana, and my favorite, David Ruffin.

If you are not sure that you wanted a job, it's better that it didn't happen. Moving, packing, unpacking and uprooting for a question mark helps the ego feel wanted, but is a high risk gamble.The grass is greener elsewhere, but don't ever give up a good thing for a gamble.
PS - You would have reminded me of scholastic Dean Martin in "Back to School".


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