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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Putting 2 and 2 together

A reader who's got a theory writes:

As the earthquake activity in the NW and Eastern Pacific has declined, so have our split jet stream rejoined into one and our normal weather and rain returned.


Is it this simple, or what?

Comments (4)

Ah. So. Slipstream together, then normal rain must fall. Slipstream apart, then cats and dogs fall from sky. Excellent observation.

You guys are basically shaming the original artist of that song! If you took the time to do some research, that song was originally sung by a HOT Romanian artist named Haiducci. It was than remixed by that LFO wannabe group OZONE! The original is what everyone should be praising, not this ghetto fabulous remix that everyone thinks is original and great(and sadly the remix just has guys singing Haiducci's parts, but everything else is basically the same, a little bit of a *more* techno beat thrown in. So get the story straight and everything will be happy again.

With the 8.2 this morning in Sumatra, does that mean we'll go back to Sacramento-like weather? I'd forgotten how much I don't like the sogginess.

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