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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Na na na na / Na na na na / Hey hey hey



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Click "maybe" -- I have the documents/statements PDC just released regarding the resignation.

Well, I said I'd dance in the streets when this happened, and so I shall. Tonight. After a few glasses of wine.

This is great, now Ty Kovatch (Mr Leonard's Chief of Staff and one-man fan club) will have something new to run when Randy finds someone else to take over at BDS for him. After all, he does have a lot of experience now.

The original agency, the private non-profit, that was designed to repair and resell a few dilapidated homes that no one else wanted has surely completed it's temporary function.

Someone ought to go look into late 1990's legislation creating a new legal creature called an Oregon Commercial Bank, with a focus on two assets, Oregon full faith and credit bonds and Oregon HUD related projects. Then jump over and look at funny legislation for expansive operations for housing under the rubric of affordable housing (and Urban Renewal). The PERS bonds are the big lump of poo, if not only lump of poo, in this financial house of graft where a public pension liability can be dreamed up to then be converted to an asset to fuel multi-family affordable housing for the private benefit of a clique and against the interests of the public, the tenants and the taxpayers.

Toss in Randy's North Macadam public works project; Urban Renewal with a heavy PR on an affordable housing component (tied in with related projects of the same flavor) and someone will have a lifetime of work to unravel and document the house of graft in it's full glory. Accidental idiocy could not bring it all to fruition over a multi-year time frame.

The job is just starting. I don't think Tom is up to the task.


A couple months ago, I think I asked you what one thing Potter could do that would impress you.

And I believe your response was, "Fire the Goldschmidt-Lieutenants who run the PDC."

Well, it looks like Potter is listening to you.

Which makes me think that perhaps you have become the "Twenty-first century Goldschmidt of Portland."

And with this kind of influence, I was wondering if you could please ask Potter to support MLB to PDX.

Your humble reader,


I don't think he'll go for the baseball. I wish he would; it would be a much greater asset to the city than all of the junk that's going to go in on Macadam put together.

But I tell you this: I am very, very impressed with Tom Potter right now.

As for me being the new NG, God forbid.

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