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Monday, March 7, 2005

Marqui time again

Time for a quick post about Marqui, the software company that's paying me and some others to blog about it and link to its demonstration site. On my to-do list this week is getting out a contract renewal that will have me blogging about Marqui just once a month, starting in April, for the low, low fee of $200 per month. That's one fourth of the volume under the original contract, which began December 15 and expires March 15, but Marqui's going to be recruiting some new bloggers to take up the slack with more frequent posts.

At last report, several of the writers from the original crew are letting their contracts expire without renewal. Molly Holzschlag, for example, found that "[p]rimarily, I learned that I can't blog naturally if I feel forced to do it, and that's intriguing because I can write in just about any style. But, it turns out my blog is really personal, I take it personally, and I need it to be that way."

But hey, I was never one to pass up easy money. I'll put it toward the copyright licenses for my future podcasts.

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