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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Hats off

To all my friends and family of the female persuasion, Happy International Women's Day.

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Picture me, shaking my head, face covered by hand, as I learn that I share my birthday with International Women's Day...

Not that I have anything against such a Day, but did it have to be my birthday? (Note to self: No sexist jokes today. In fact, best just not to try to be funny.)

Why is there an International Women's Day? I mean what's the point?

Assuming International Womens Day is in recognition of progress made in moving beyond cultural stereotyes of oppression most strikingly present in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia - I stand in solidarity with the concept. You go girls!!!

I celebrate International Women every single day!

CNN.com chooses to celebrate in its own sad, ironic way... Today, for the umpteenth day in a row, the CNN.com sports section highlights "behind the scenes" swimsuit photo-shoot drivel. Also sad that CNN considers this "sports" news.

Perhaps you can listen to some Yoko Ono cuts, and watch Fat Actress...

I just noticed you snuck a picture of Washington's unelected Governor in there. Tsk tsk.

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