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Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter

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What are you doing up at that time of the night/morning?

I'm confused. Dan Saltzman is the Easter Bunny?

Well done Jack.
I especially like the way you captured Leonard stuffing developer money into his pocket.
Along with Randy's smily, "aren't I something" look on his face and leash? in his hand there are all sorts of possibilitites.

Hey, wait a second. I still have the John Shaft photo of me you posted last year...No way I am taking that down and replacing it with this!

Clearly it's time to require purchasers of PhotoShop to show identification.

Dan Saltzman is a myth.

Excellent image! You should get out of this ulcer-ridden legal stuff and into the fun stuff. You rock!

Ha! You see this nice message and then that horrible picture pops up. What I call sulfur in the Easter egg.

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