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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Hangin' in there

I'm a WordPerfect guy at heart.

Oh, I've got Word, and I use it whenever it's preferred by someone with whom I'm dealing. It also comes in handy when I'm using word processing in tandem with some other Microsoft program, like Internet Explorer or PowerPoint. But if it's just straight word processing I'm up to, and I'm on my own, I still click on WP. It's currently owned by Corel, but I was a user back in the day when it was run out of some other shop.

Given what a nasty competitor Microsoft is, I'm pleasantly surprised that WP is still alive and available. And today comes news that the U.S. Justice Department has renewed for five years its license to use WP at 50,000 workstations around the country. Go get 'em, G-men and women. Alt-F3 -- Reveal Codes, kids!

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. Alt-F3 -- Reveal Codes, kids!

and it makes PDFs too.

And I didn't have to ask permission to use it after I bought it (WP10). Now if they would just do a recent Linux version, I could dump Microsoft!


What Corel really needs to do is release a Mac version, after all these years! The old 3.5e is great, if you use OS 9 and are willing to put up with an occasional crash -- but I remember using WP 5.1 on my very first computer and I always miss it every time I fire up Word. I still use the white-on-blue display option, though.

As a legal secretary I dread the spread of Word. Our computer support techs keep telling me that eventually everyone will move to Word, because with nobody supporting WP, it's increasingly conflicting with the Windows operating systems.

And BetaMax was better, too, dammit!

Remember Netscape?

They'll never take my WordPerfect from me.

I love my WP, too, but wish the newer versions had kept CorelCentral, the great popup reminder and day planner. My WP9 is set to WP 5.0, but it is going unstable, I lost Quattro Pro some time ago, and CorelCentral is starting to go. Waaaaaaaaaa!

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