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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

Brian and Laurel over at HinesSight sound off on global warming.

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As someone with people in NYC and Boston still under snow in mid-March, can I suggest their evidence/proof may be anecdotal?

My general knowledge of global warming is that it creates extremes, not universal progressive warming.

Sure looks like it, doesn't it.

It seems wise to avoid the term "global warming" since many people will assume that everything gets warmer. Many areas will become colder as the overall average temperature of the planet increases. Hence the term "climate change."

A cold winter in one city or a warm winter in another place really is anecdotal, as they don't tell you much about the long-term trend.

Good point as to the name change, Nate, in a sound-bite (not to mention unscientific) society. However, the "anecdotes" have already become a string of record-breakers within, say, a decade.

At first I read that headline to say:

"Denali is not just a river in Egypt".


Or a park in Alaska?


Don't forget that in the 60's the concern was a coming ice age.


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