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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Celebrity sighting

In the Portland Airport this morning: Bennett Salvatore, NBA referee. I tried to catch up with him and ask for an autograph, but he got away.

Comments (6)

Just as well. I think it best if we don't interfere with any NBA people leaving the City.

Are you sure that's not Howard Dean?

Why is anyone associated with the NBA considered a celebrity?

Were you going to ask him if he's converted his referee frequent flier miles to personal use and not declared the fair market value on his taxes?

No. A bunch of NBA referees actually were convicted of federal tax evasion in connection with air travel a few years back -- not what you describe but a scam that was a bit more serious. I wouldn't have wanted old No. 15 slapping me with a technical right there in Concourse C.

I'm impressed that you recognized him out of uniform. I couldn't do that. NFL guys, yes (more TV face time), but not NBA guys. Of course, I haven't watched the NBA since about '94, so I'd recognize some of the older-school guys. Jess Kersey. Dick Bavetta. Maybe Darrel Garretson.

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