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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Burn, baby, burn

I picked up a new toy on Saturday -- a digital voice recorder. This little beauty is smaller than a cellphone, but it makes nice digital recordings of hours and hours of talk. I needed something to record a lecture I was doing, and I dropped into Radio Shack looking for an analog cassette recorder. Am I ever glad the sales guy let me talk myself out of that.

For the last few days, I've been chopping up the huge .wav file that the little recorder created, and parcelling the resulting pieces onto the PowerPoint slides that I used as the backdrop for the talk. I burned the results onto CDs, and can now hand them out to my students.

All of which proves, I guess, that in several significant ways, I can be replaced by a machine.

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the sony is better

Dude, now you can start podcasting.... Just convert to mp3, post on the blog, and notify ipodder.org

Ah, but Jack, we still need your soul.

Having attended one of your Oregon Bar Prep tax lectures, let me say, I don't think a machine could replace you.

Though, I do remember during the lecture you went well past the usual one hour break time. And 75 minutes into the lecutre you were still telling jokes as fast as Robin Williams, 15 per minute.

I finally turned to my friend and was like, "less jokey jokey, more breaky breaky"
... I suppose you had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

Anyway, at least I could turn off a machine after 50 minutes and go to the bathroom.

The industrious among us can use our iBooks (or PowerBooks, if the student loan is big enough) to record the audio of our classes as we take notes in Word. Then play it back as we review things that may not be so clear. Probably can be done with some PCs, as well. Were I into profiteering, I suppose I could sell full CDs of each of the 1L classes with notes and audio to the incoming students. Though I'd have some concern as to whether there's an IP issue involved. Anyway, the short comment is: aren't digital voice recorders great?

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