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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Are the Blazers up for sale?

Let's see... The Blazers fire their coach with a few months left on his contract, and show no sign of looking for a long-term replacement. This right after they let the trade deadline pass without making any moves. So they'll get nothing at all of value for a couple of players whose overbloated contracts will be running out soon. And it all comes just months after the team owner walks away from the mortgage on the arena.

People are talking about plans for rebuilding the team. I doubt it. This looks to me like a franchise that's going to be sold soon. Mr. Allen has clearly lost interest, as have most of the fans.

Comments (7)

I doubt he would have approved a max contract for Zack Randolph if he was planning to sell

no offense, but who cares?

I sure hope they're not for sale. The City of Portland would want to buy them.

He he -- condemn them if necessary...

Hmmm, interesting point, but it would seem to me that if he had wanted to sell, he would have done it when the team had value, or he'd hold out until it does again. Clearly, noone wants to get involved with this team given the current market's sentiments toward it, or given the big contracts that Allen has allowed the team to sign into.

You are the tax expert Jack. Would it Pay Paul to trash the Blazers and take the write off? I'll leave the Peter line for someone else.

The management decided against allowing Cheeks to interview for the Philly job at the end of last season. Now they don't even keep him the full year. Group Cheeks with Brian Grant, Steve Smith, Dale Davis, Derek Anderson and other quality guys as an example of how the organization dismisses character in exchange for irresponsibility, selfishness and over-inflated senses of entitlement.

A fish rots from the head down. As long as Allen is leading the way, things aren't going to change. i won't even watch this 12 man train wreck on free tv. Go Vikes!

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