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Friday, March 11, 2005

A gifted writer

Cousin (and blogchild) James is on a major roll over at Parkway Rest Stop. This guy can tell a story, folks, and he's been knocking some especially good ones out lately.

Check out his early days in the rock and roll business, here, here and here. And his sports car story here.

And if you weren't around for Sgt. Steele or James's boot camp yarns, you are in for a treat.

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Thank you very much for those kind words, which I find particularly flattering, considering the source.

Oh, and the check is in the mail. ;-)

Seriously, thanks again, Cuz.

.. Jimbo rocks..

Ya - but I've been waiting for Sgt. Steele installment 7 forever.

It's back on the screen. Coming soon.

I did enjoy the stories.
As an EX-MARINE I would like to point out a few items:
army doggies go through basic NOT BOOT CAMP. Hell
man, your recruit trainer drill sergeant (DI TO MARINES) gave you soft caresses and sweet nothings wispered into your recruit ears. He did that to stop himself from crying. He was emotional. army doggies generally are. MARINES do not have that luxury. MARINES are too busy doing what the army should have been doing!!!



Even us "doggies" know that there is no such thing as an "Ex-Marine," and that it's "Semper Fi."

Get your shit squared away, Marine. ;-)

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