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Monday, February 14, 2005

Q & A

Q. How long does it take to get from Tampa to Portland, Oregon by air?

A. Twenty hours, if you're on Continental Airlines.

Q. Will Continental "customer service" representatives be friendly to you if you have to sleep on an airport floor?

A. No.

Q. Will you receive compensation of any kind for your inconvenience?

A. No.

Comments (18)

Q. Months before Continental Airlines files for bankruptcy?

A. 8

Q. Executives who will get millions anyway and therefore don't care?

A. At least one.

That is why they serve liquor to combat the bad service


Do you mean that lawyers get the same treatment as commoners? Can't you show ID or something?

Seriously, don't you ever want to say, "I'm an attorney"? I sure would.


Maybe if you showed them your John Kerry T-shirt, they would have been nicer to you. In honor of Teresa, they would have provided you with Botox-McNuggets and an Al Sharpton sleeping bag complete with a matching sweatsuit/pajamas. Wake up with your hair fried, dyed, and laid to the side.
Keep hope alive...

"I'm an attorney"??!!!! They'd spit in your food!

It might be even worse to say "I help train 150 future attorneys every year."

You think you got problems. I hate to fly, I don't drive, and Congress is threatening (it would seem seriously) to defund Amtrak. :(

And if Amtrak goes, my girlfriend and I are only going to get to see one another if one of us wants to brave (ugh!) Greyhound.

I hate Greyhound. And the station in Seattle is a hellhole of biblical proportions.

Q: if they are going to constantly be late or cancel flights - why can't the airport put in some couches that are more than 4 feet long so I can catch some winks.

A: Those hard metal things won't wear out until 2059

Hrm. What happened to the post about toys and candy disappearing? Did some airline employee steal that post? ;)

Great bad service complaint called "You have a very bad hotel" on this link- got this from Twisty's site awhile back.


The bastards didn't even pony up som extra pretzles?

Continental? Isn't that the same airline that recently announce it was doing regular flights from JFK to Lagos. Maybe they should think locally instead of globally.

Another thought - just blame bushy.

jack you're a lawyer. you know what to do. sue em

just as lars, as a gun owner, would just start firing.

Um..sorry Jack, no sympathy here. It's like you bought a Geo and are now complaining that the engine conked out on you....uh, duh. Not that their bad service is your fault, just that you could of probably shown a bit better judgement. I mean, come on...Continental? Haha, don't make me laugh...

write a letter. they should send you some vouchers. not that it can compensate you fully, but at least it's something.

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