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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Once a Blazer, always a Blazer

Cliff Robinson, erstwhile Trail Blazer rookie sensation once famous for punching female Portland police officers and terrorizing local motorists with paintball guns, has landed on his head again down in Oakland. Seems the Golden State Warrior center, who has been suffering from back problems of late, has just been suspended five games by his team for a substance abuse violation.

Uncle Cliffy, you is wack.

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Way to go Uncle Spliffy!

he's haunted by the missed breakaway layin in the early days of clyde, terry and jerome. some think it stopped the championship of that then.

I keep meaning to put up a post on my site about my experience with Clyde at the Fancy Food Show last week. Man, is that guy one of the most gracious, engaging celeb sports stars you could ever meet. I spent the whole day with him in a booth at the trade show, so you can imagine how many times I got to watch him sign autographs and pose for pictures.

He engaged every autograph seeker in a small conversation, and when there was a lull he'd ask me questions about my business or whatever.

He was not so gracious with the referees, however. Ask Jake O'Donnell. 8c)

A little correction: Uncle Cliffy was suspended by the league not his team. You think the anemic Warriors can afford to suspend ANYONE on their team? With but 12 wins, they're making the Blazers look like a playoff team.

You know what though, Bog, I'll take Clyde over the criminals we're stuck with now. At least Clyde made people excited about the game, and isn't that partly what it's all about.

I agree, Sid. Except for his attitude toward the referees, Clyde was as good as a professional basketball player can get.

Aw man! You had to remind me of that missed layup in game 7 of the 1991 conference finals. Painful memories...

At least we got to see Magic and Jordan go head-to-head before Magic retired.

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