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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Maya hee!

The story of the "maya-hee maya-hoo maya-ha" lip-syncing dancer guy just gets more and more fascinating every day. I linked to this guy's performance quite a few weeks back. He's taken a catchy Romanian pop song by a group called Ozone and made his own little homemade video, which centers around him grooving to the tune at his desk in front of his computer.

Somebody sent me a link via e-mail over the holidays, and I couldn't help but admit, it was a fun page to open, and so I invited our readers to do the same.

Well, I wasn't the only one. As I noted here last week, the whole world's caught on, and the traffic at the site showing the video has been phenomenal. It's reached the point at which even local newscasts around the world are running clips from the video.

Today our understanding of the story reached a new level, as The New York Times reported on its front page that the "doughy guy" in the video is actually a young man from Saddle Brook, N.J. (where several of my cousins grew up, and where I actually ate something called Junket Rennet Custard once). And he doesn't like the attention he's been getting any more. He just cancelled his appearance on the "Today" show. He wouldn't talk to the Times reporter. He's moping around the house in Saddle Brook, and his immigrant grandfather thinks he's crazy.

As a guy who has done goofy things myself in front of the computer over the years, I want to send what the kids call a "shout out" to this fellow, who's made a little internet history for himself. To you, Gary Brolsma of Saddle Brook, N.J., let me just say: We love you, man! You are truly funny. It's a gift. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have spent the last several weeks walking around singing to myself: Maya hee! Maya hoo! Maya ha! Maya ha ha! At the very least, Ozone should put you in its next vid.

Come on out and bask in the sun, dude.

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Is this guy going to be this year's Well Hung . . . or excuse me, Will Hung . . . last year's American Idol phenom?

No, it's way better than that. He did it all on his own.

I'd pay to see what he does next.

Straight, raw-dog talent within the confines of one's room . . . nice.

"I'd pay to see what he does next."

I think this is where someone needs to remind you, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it."

Junket Rennet Custard!! Wow! I have not thought about that in a zillion years. As I recall, that is something I absolutely pesetered my mother to buy (TV had selling power even then), and she finally relented.

I seem to remember that it was lousy.

As for the Saddle Brook guy, my movie thing on the computer is not cooperating. I'll have to watch it from the office. Hey, Sinatra was from Jersey. Can Gary Brolsma be far behind?

I missed the first link, and just caught it now... but this guy is hilarious.


I am downloading the song as I type...

I just read the NYT article, and let me second Mr Bojacks comments... come back out Gary.

We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you.

I wish I secure enough to dance like that.

I swear to God, if I ever hear this song at a club, I'm breaking out the sparkle fingers and dancing just like him...

Maya hee.. maya hoo... maya ha ha...

The Romanian band must be psyched. Now their song will be a hit in Amurica.

My grandfather actually helped invent Junket at the Tetley plant in Little Falls, NY. And as an aside, both my parents had gym class at St. Mary's Catholic School in Little Falls taught by Hubie Brown (yes, that Hubie Brown).

The world's a much smaller place than we all think.

I went to the video after reading the NY Times article. I just wish there were a way that Gary can know how much genuine pleasure he has given to literally thousands of people.

I don't know why, but this song has taken a small part of my bRaNe for now and calls it it own.

There is a better link to a newer version over on Newgrounds.com, title is "Numa Numa Dance". It actually has *three* versions (Original, subtitles with, subtitles without) and the out-of-sync problem at the end has been solved. I don't know if this was before or after Gary suffered his fatal embarrasment. Along with others, I'm sad that he got so embararssed and wish he'd just enjoy his 15 minute's time.

I was so compelled by the catchiness of that song, I bought it from iTunes music store (99 cents, can't go wrong, and comees with cover art), found sites were the music video is hosted (it's cool, y'all should check it out), and found out what the Romanian title of it is called (Dragostea Din Tei), as well as complete lyrics.

'scuse me while I kiss this song about fifty more times.

Sam Klein (zehnkatzen.blogspot.com)

I first heard this song through another... err, "interesting" video...


Dooooood! Dude, seriously, I can't decide of I should worship this guy or not! o_O

i myself found out from my niece........but its great........i cant take the headphones off........i love it.......im singing and dancing with you.......this made my day........and my nieces as well

gary.......dont be embarassed.......you have probably made that song famous......for millions of people have heard it by now im sure......i personally did not know the music or the group until now......and i love it.....thank you gary...........dont be embarassed

This guy seemed crazy at first, but actually, hes prty good!

Thats video is thee best video ever!! I am in love with the Numma Numma man....but i was just wondering.....who r those other boys??? They're pretty sexy too......

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