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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Falling down on the job

Time for another weekly post mentioning Marqui. This is the communication management software company that's paying me (and a couple dozen other bloggers) to mention it and link to its online demonstration once a week for three months. Nice people, great gig.

But I'm beat at the moment. As in, stone cold dead tired. I can't even see straight, given the string of long working days I've got just under my belt. It's all good, but there's a bit too much at the moment.

I've been dabbling on the simulation site Marqui has provided, to see what users see and feel when they use the Marqui services. But I looked down a couple of minutes ago and noticed that I had drooled on my hoodie. Night-night time, obviously.

So this is my place marker for this week's Marqui post, with the utmost warm and fuzzy feelings toward my sponsor. I'll expand on this, bright and early on Super Sunday.

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Nooooo! You said "hoodie"!

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