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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bruce time again

In the e-mail today comes word that my rock and roll hero, Bruce Springsteen, has a new album, "Devils and Dust," coming out on April 26. There'll be a tour to promote the CD. I hope they plan to make it this way. Last time, we had an unforgettable night -- typical Bruce.

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Songs on the new CD:
"Rumson ain't Asbury Park"; "Me and Johhny K. Know the Plight of the Common Man"; "Braindead Ohio"; "Bon Jovi is a Chick Band"; "Clarence Eats Quiche"; "Badda Bing"; "Glory Days, Tequilla, and the Fat Dixie Chick"; "Smaller Arenas" and the single "Born to Run in 2008"

Nice, coming from a Jersey guy. And a union president. Yes, George Bush is the answer. Turn on some Christian radio! Or maybe the Gatlin Brothers. And move to Florida, of course.

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