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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Big day

The pedal hits the metal today on the business trip that has taken me and some colleagues to an undisclosed eastern location. (Hint No. 2: Last night's dinner was grouper.)

Wish us luck.

Comments (3)

"Undisclosed eastern location" ???
Who are you, the anti-Cheney ? Are the Ashcrofts coming to get you ? Are you looking in your rear view mirror and seeing a police car ?

Grouper? What, no sausage and peppers ? Chicken breast sandwich yesterday... I get it, you're in hell, atoning for Hillary-bashing. If your next meal involves sprouts, and is served by someone named "Moonbeam", you've fallen into Dr. Evil's time machine, perhaps searching for your MoJo.

Bojack as the Anti-Cheney. That is pretty funny. Jack's secret location lacks secret service protection, but does have a nice view and a piano bar. I do wish you all luck, especially knowing what you guys are heading into...will you give us an update?

South Carolina

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