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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


We were happy when we got our new membership cards from the Oregon Zoo in the mail yesterday.

We weren't so happy, though, when we saw the postmarks on the envelope: "Kent WA" and "Presort Seattle WA."

Hey, zoo! Metro! What's up with that?!

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I generally have mixed feelings about this. Setting large mailings up can be quite expensive, and I am always in favor of non-profits either putting together groups of volunteers to sort and bundle the mail or else outsourcing it to someone who will do it as cheaply as possible so that as much as possible of the donations/membership dues received can actually go to the purposeful work of the organization.

It sounds like there might be an opportunity for an effective business in the Portland area, providing this kind of reasonably priced support for local organizations.

On the other hand, yes, my initial reaction (until I remembered all the direct mail pieces I've ben involved with -- ick!) would have been like yours.

I just know I won't die happy until I get my order at a fast food chain taken from Bangalore, like the citizens of Hermiston are now getting at their friendly neighborhood McDonald's. Now that's outsourcing.

Come on Jack you know what's up. Someone's crony or relative owned the outfit they outsourced to.
Would the zoo do that?
A few months ago Metro Zoo and Zoo Foundation were caught laundering $800,000 of Zoo income and evading 53k in taxes.
Just the kind of emboldened and crass thing one would expect from a system riddled with unethical and power sick people and widespread conflict of interests.

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